Our Mission. Our Vision. Our History. 

What we are providing for Kansas City.


 Our Mission

To promote community appreciation for the arts through an accessible artistic environment for adults over the age of 50, regardless of experience or ability, who seek arts education in a musical environment through community outreach and performance.

Our Vision

The Vision is for EncoreKC! Foundation to continue as a community choral organization to build community relationships and outreach programs, focusing on diversity of people and music through performance in the Kansas City metropolitan region.

Our History

EncoreKC! Foundation began as a choral outreach project of Phyllis Curtis and Pam Smith Kelly and was inspired by the work of Frank Curtis and The Fine Arts Institute. The first rehearsals of EncoreKC! were held in February of 2019. The choir consisted of 90 singers, with three performances their first year. The choir had just celebrated its 1st year anniversary in February of 2020, when Covid-19 halted rehearsals. In the summer of 2022, EKC started again, this time as an independent 501(c)(3) corporation officially recognized Jan. 18, 2022 by the IRS and registered in the State of Kansas as EncoreKC! Foundation.

What We Offer

EKC! is the umbrella term that encompasses the sponsoring foundation, the flagship chorus EncoreKC! Chorus, its ensembles and music education classes. EncoreKC! Foundation is a non-audition choral and music 501(c)(3) public nonprofit organization, providing opportunities for anyone who wants to continue their musical journey through the joy of learning together and performing in the community. All groups are open to anyone age 50+. We currently offer the following opportunities to the public from our website's Store . (Spring Season signups are open from now until Feb. 12, 2024.)

  • EncoreKC! Chorus -- The original and largest group, it is a non-audition choir of approximately 70 singers who rehearse for about 10 weeks before each concert season's finale
  • EKC! Act II -- A smaller ensemble made up of singers from the main choir who rehearse an hour before the main choir and are available to perform throughout the community upon request
  • EKC! Brass Ensemble -- Open to the public and offered to anyone who would like an opportunity to rehearse together and perform throughout the Kansas City Metro Area
  • EKC! Music Reading Class -- Open to the public for anyone who would like to brush up on their music reading skills or have never had the time or opportunity to learn to read music

Two scholarships are available each season and can be applied for upon request via "Contact Us" on our website. Accommodations will also be made upon request.


After the long season of COVID, EncoreKC! Chorus started up again in the Summer of 2022 but with the requirement for all members to have proof of "full vaccination" and to wear masks at all times. We stopped wearing masks in the fall of 2023 but still required all participants to have proof of COVID vaccination to participate. As a result, almost all of our members have been fully vaccinated and most are keeping up with the updated boosters. We are no longer requiring proof of vaccination, nor are we mandating masks, however, following CDC guidelines, we still strongly encourage everyone to be vaccinated and to stay current with their boosters. We continue to monitor the status of locally-reported cases and pledge to keep our members informed. We keep a supply of masks available for our rehearsals and concerts for anyone who asks. 

Our Concert Seasons

EncoreKC! Chorus schedules two or more concert seasons per year. We are planning three concerts for 2024: Apr. 21, July 28 and Nov. 17. Each season’s duration is approximately ten weeks in length with a culminating concert. 




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