This is what people are saying...                  


"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your concert yesterday afternoon.  It was absolutely charming.  Not necessarily the adjective you’d use for a lot of concerts, but I think it really fits.  I was surprised to find it “standing room only.”  I just barely found a parking place and a seat in the back.  The music selections were great and it was obvious how much the audience enjoyed them.  Thanks for letting me know about it."  - JC


“The word I heard over and over yesterday was "fun"! - LEB


“It was so easy to be energized when looking out at that huge crowd!!  I know at least one of our folks had over 20 people there at her invitation!” 


"Melody is a very organized teacher and really wants us to succeed. She shares how she has taught the things we are trying to learn to elementary school classes and tricks she used. She answers questions and is patient. So I would give her an A.

I posted on my Facebook page the words to the Irish blessing, along with a photo of the cover. This is what my beloved high school chorus teacher, Mrs Ella Jean Heigham replied:

"Those are such great words!!

And I see that Mary Lynn Lightfoot is your composer-I knew her and her music teacher mother-in -law when we lived in Blue Springs and I taught in Odessa.   Enjoy!!"

Ella Jean still plays piano and hand bells at her church. She taught us the proper way to pronounce vowels and I can still see her smiling face as she led us. 

I am excited about our choir!

Thanks again!" - LS


“It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time!  Pure joy.” 😃  - BB


“The concert was outstanding! Thank you so much for inviting us!  You (Pam and Jim Kelly) should be so proud of your accomplishments. But from what I hear,  your talents are family wide! - LW


We absolutely loved it!!!!! The music selection was tops and so much fun. Jim did a great job with his River City part and the dancers were darling!! - JM

“It was fabulous! Thoroughly enjoyable and fun! As Pam said, ‘BRAVISSIMO!!’

Thank you, Pam, for all of the energy and talent you gave in helping plan and develop the sound and the program.” - RB 


“Pam and Mary Beth, 

I'm still on a high from yesterday's concert! It was wonderful and what a turnout. I loved our pops music this session. It gave me a place to breathe in happiness when the world has recently been full of sadness. You didn't know that when you chose this music, but I think it resonated with the audience, too. 


Mary Beth, 

We will miss your humor and musical talents. Stay in touch. Come back as a Visiting Artist or Visiting BFF? Until next time, both of you be well--that's no small thing! Blessings.” - JP


“I was at St.Mark’s Methodist Church this morning to play handbells.  A lady I’m acquainted with who attends there, walked in, pointed at me and said, ‘I saw you last week!!  It was an amazing concert. I loved all of the ‘extras’ (dancers, solos, etc).  I had such a great time!’  She went on and on.  She was genuinely excited that she had chosen to attend the concert. Man, this feels good!!!!!” - BB


“My guests were all delighted by the concert. One friend said, ‘I had no idea that it would be that full of energy and variety!’ Another has stopped me twice in the hallway to say how much she enjoyed our performance. I counted 9 guests (2 more were on their way to the church when they developed car trouble and had to turn back!) It was an outstanding success:)” - LW


This is what our members are saying... 

"Mondays are now the best part of my week!"

"I love that we have sectional rehearsals to work on quality and getting to know each other."

"This is inspiration, friendship and a great mental challenge. The concerts are pure adrenaline rush!"

"They have this cool mobile app that helps us connect and provides audio tracks. It is a tech-savvy group."

"I like the variety of music. Rehearsals are always fun!"

"Our concerts tend to take the audience through a full range of emotions. It's the best therapy, ever!"

"This is just such a fun group, and it has become my family. I go home and I'm pumped for the rest of the week."

"Luncheon days are awesome. Nobody wants to go home!"


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